Custom Coat Closets

Published: 15th June 2009
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Design a coat closet that suits your taste and your style. From choosing the right hanger to creating space you did not know you had, these tips will get your brain turning so that you can create the closet of your dreams.

1) Sensible: The sensible coat closet is only filled with coats and winter accessories. The scarves, hats and gloves should all have a special place to go. Their cubbies or containers should be well ventilated to allow for drying. Cedar coat hangers should be used to absorb moisture and prevent mildew. They also protect coats from moths and bad smells that can build up in a closet that is seldom open or is often exposed to dampness.

2) Cheap and Easy: If you do not want to spend a fortune organizing your coat closet, but you need to create some serious space, then you will need some specialty hangers. To create space and avoid that cram-packed look, use hangers with clips and hooks to take the place of drawers and shelves. Not only will this save you money, but space and time as well. Hang accessories, such as ties, vests, scarves and hats on hangers designed to cascade them down. You can put multiple coordinating or like items on one hanger and save yourself some space. Use slim line coat hangers to get that sturdiness that you need with the slim fit that you desire.

3) Organization Lover: The organization lover needs a special place for everything that they own. The coat closet will not be left out. This is, after all, where you come when you are in a hurry to get out the door. You need it to be organized to serve its purpose. This is where space can seriously become an issue. Bulky coats and the need to store everything from shoes to bookbags can leave you feeling helpless. But, with just a few additions, you can get it organized. Over-the-door hangers and pantry organizers can give you a place to put all of those tiny objects that need to be close at hand, but not stuffed in a bin somewhere. Gloves, keys, phones, tote bags, sunscreen, hats and more can be easily stored in separate bins on the door organizer. Use special hangers for each family member and your closet will be organized in no time.

4) Coat Collector: If you have a lot of coats, you are probably a true coat lover. Make sure you take care of your treasured collection by using special coat hangers. Wood hangers or cedar hangers are best for taking care of your coats. They are correctly shaped to keep shoulders from slumping or slipping on to the floor. They keep coats ever so slightly separated so that they do not become crammed and damaged. Cedar hangers protect them from moisture, odor and pests.

Choose the type of coat closet that best suits you. Make sure that you purchase the proper coat hangersfor your needs and you will be on your way to the coat closet you have always dreamed of.

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